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Top 10 Stocks to Buy for 2012

Is it really possible to beat the market consistently, year after year? 

Yes!   Many try, but most fail.  Now you can check-out the one expert who has been regularly beating the market by a significant percentage using a simple formula of owning the right stocks at the right time at the beginning of each business cycle.

And you can get his 2012 portfolio FREE in this just-released Special Report, 10 Top Stocks to Buy for 2012.  Here are 10 of the top most-own stocks for 2012 from market beating analyst, Jamie Dlugosch. 

No magic here or lucky guesses.  Painstakingly researched and built from the bottom up, this is a Top Stock portfolio for 2012 that follows the same strategy that Jamie used to beat the market over the last 4 years, including the worst market in decades.

Some of the stocks in this report will surprise you and a few are relatively unknown, but they’re all certain earnings-beaters that could move quickly and early in the next business cycle that’s beginning now.

  • One of these stocks is on a growth tear, but trades at an absurdly low valuation.
  • Another is in the middle of the automobile spending boom in China.
  • An unavoidable food crisis in the emerging markets will fuel this company’s growth.
  • Plus, 7 more unique stock ideas that are perfect to kick off your 2012 portfolio.

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